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Through ingenuity and hard work, the team of White Horse Ceramic Industries Sdn Bhd  has achieved the company’s vision of becoming one of the best tile manufacturers.

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After over two decades in Malaysia, White Horse has achieved numerous recognition for excellence in the design, manufacture and marketing of White Horse tiles. The synergy of three leading tile manufacturers from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, in 1992, has raised the status of White Horse tiles into the brand of choice for tile use in residential, commercial and public buildings within this region and further.

From homogeneous tiles to innovative, high end multi-effect granite tiles, porcelain stone tiles and decorative accessories – White Horse is equipped to produce exceptional quality products. White Horse tiles are manufactured using top choice natural materials, under stringent quality control. From milling the raw material to its firing procedures, extreme diligence is exercised in the production process.

White Horse ensures that the technical specifications and safety prerequisites of its products conform to the standards of the relevant governing bodies. In addition to that, the team also works hard to add new designs and finishes to the product line to add cutting edge competitiveness to the business.

White Horse leads the tile manufacturing industry with strong research and development facilities, focusing primarily on product and design innovation, as well as process and material development in manufacturing. In addition to continually generating new designs to satisfy consumer tastes, our Research and Development team is also responsible for ensuring the technical quality of the tiles.


As the demand for various types of floor and wall tiles grows globally, White Horse,  with its strategic expansion and increase in production capacity will certainly be ready to supply to this growing global demand for tile products.

White Horse has manufacturing facilities in Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat in Johor, to fully realize its Research and Development resources and launch new products designs. From an initial set-up of only two kilns, the company’s manufacturing capacity has steadily increased to fifteen kilns. Together with our additional facility in Vietnam, the company’s annual production capacity is 35 million square metres. This ensures that its warehouses are well stocked and ready to cater to any volume and variety of order.