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Through ingenuity and hard work, the team of White Horse Ceramic Industries Sdn Bhd  has achieved the company’s vision of becoming one of the best tile manufacturers.


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Date Subject File
28 May 2019 GENERAL MEETINGS: Outcome of Meeting announce_28052019-6.pdf
28 May 2019 Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 31 Mar 2019 whitehorse-1q2019-combine1.pdf
28 May 2019 Change in Boardroom announce_28052019-1.pdf
28 May 2019 Change of External Auditors announce_28052019-2.pdf
28 May 2019 Change in Audit Committee announce_28052019-3.pdf
28 May 2019 Change in Remuneration Committee announce_28052019-4.pdf
28 May 2019 Change in Nomination Committee announce_28052019-5.pdf
16 May 2019 Annual Report & CG Report – 2018 (Amended Announcement) whb-errata_to_notice_of_21st_agm_and_proxy_form.pdf
16 May 2019 General Meetings : Notice of Meeting (Amended Announcement) announce_16052019-2.pdf
3 May 2019 Notice of SBB by a Company Pursuant to Section 127 of CA2016 announce_03052019.pdf
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